Monday, January 28, 2008

SkyBlaze (Acrylic on Canvas-24x30 inches)

Hi all,
Doesn’t it just…blaze! Red and fiery, yet moody with a brooding sense of unease?

Umm, perhaps a brewing storm ready to…unleash it’s all!

This one really made my day…following on from the focus on movement I had hitherto explored with Sunset Swirl, I again used loads of heavy texture combined with a frantic brush to evoke a somewhat Turneresque sky!
I’ve deliberately used some darker tones both to accentuate the hot reds as well as helping to evoke that ‘uneasy’ turmoil present in a sky during that prelude to a storm.

Again, this could so easily be an abstract piece. Take away the knowledge of subject and we are left simply with a riotous display of colour upon a tactile surface! All of which creates yet another level of interest adding to the overall enjoyment of the piece.

Catch you later



Josue Canals said...

The truth is that I was concerned not to return to hear from you, from the end of October did not see a new post. So every day I visit your beautiful blog. I hope that sits very well with his family and receiving kisses and hugs from a friend who admired him both as a person as well as artistic.

ShirleyBod said...

Thank you for your kind words. Yes I've not posted for a many other commitments plus an extended Christmas break! However I'm now back in the fray with a vengence!

Iggi Art said...

You have a great abstraction power, as well as a potential and rich talent… I like your work, it's like dream, many seem windows that open to other worlds most complex. It´s crazy, it´s fantastic, it´s oniric. You´re force image is rich of sensivity, great work! I´m from Chile and if you have time, please visit my own site on…

Segovia said...

Glad to see you're back! I was getting a little worried about you. I love your work. It is nice to see it posted again. Take care. Janet

ShirleyBod said...

Hi Iggi
A thousand thank you's for your kind comments (we creative types so need to be applauded!)
Yes I looked at your site...superb! Great imagination and exqusite detail. Your images remind me very much of the great HR Giger.

ShirleyBod said...

Hello again Janet!
Nice to hear from you...
Yeah, I had such a giant workload prior to xmas that I alas neglected a few areas of my online world! Thank you honey for your concern. Oh, and it's great to see you're still keeping up with your drawing. Take care..