Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Elephant Walk: Triptych (Acrylic on Canvas 183x76cm /72x30 inches)

Hi all,

Yes I know my posting has been a little hmm, erratic of late but please guys…don’t take me to task as I have been slaving away to produce all manner of creative goodies such as the one you see here!

Let’s call it a reawakening of my ethnic period!

OK so I’m pretty smug about Elephant Walk. It started as a commission by somebody who wanted a variation of one of my other pieces Journeys End plus elephants (I so love elephants) in a triptych format (as you do)

This was an absolute joy to paint. A chance to evoke everything I feel about Africa in a single image. Its visual beauty, nobility and sense of timeless wonder. Don’t you feel you could just walk up to those elephants and experience that sunset as another day fades on a faraway continent…ahh, we can but dream.

Catch you later



JCanals / MH Staff said...

Hello pretty Shirley, I do not leave your paintings to impact. Hopefully gain some power. More so, kisses and hugs from Dominican Republic

ShirleyBod said...

Hi Jose... le agradece como siempre por sus comentarios graciosos. ¡It's agradables saber allí son tal gente encantadora en el Internet! He estado ausente el el día de fiesta para un par de semanas así que ahora me siento mucho mejor. ¿Espere que todo esté bien con usted y su trabajo? Es usted todavía que goza de su blogging. Tome a cuidado mi respeto caliente Shirley del amigo...