Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Skies and Elephants!

I have my other half to thank for resurrecting this one! Believe it or not Red Horizon Elephants has been laying around my studio for the last couple of weeks simply begging for that finishing touch of…TLC (poor neglected thing!) Alas I was all too busy indulging my appetite for abstract and enjoying the delights of my Sony DSLR.

So hubby appears waving this canvas frantically under my nostrils with that…"Aren’t you going to finish this" expression! (Thank you Darling)

Hmm, well I have to admit that my first love is painting skies. Especially an African sky. Extra especially when it’s a scorching African sky acting as backdrop to those wonderful elephants.. So, it’s really quite a mystery as to how I could have neglected my creation for quite so long?... (Artists hey!)

I do love colour, that’s why African paintings have always held a particular fascination for me. I also love the sense of capturing the moment. You know, that one snap-shot in a moving sequence caught in an immortal stillness. I love that enigmatic sense of those innumerable possibilities? Anything could happen afterwards but we will never know? Only the frozen moment caught and held forever. I could gaze into that world and dream up any number of varied and unusual outcomes!

That has to be another of art’s great rewards…the joy of not just creating something aesthetic to gaze at but also to conjure up a world into which our spirit might occasionally wander when our mind tires of the daily grind.