Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Swan: Some People Think it's Real?

One recent story concerning film of the moment Black Swan certainly made me smile. A spokesperson for The Royal Opera House (which is staging its new production of Swan Lake) admitted;

"We have had people coming in and ringing up the box office to ask when Natalie Portman will be dancing in our production”

Now hold that thought will you. People, grown ups and hmm, responsible adults are actually ringing up to ask when they can expect to see a film actress performing Swan Lake!

Hello?'s only make believe!
Now I absolutely loved Black Swan and I thought Natalie Portman’s performance was simply amazing. It was obvious watching her dance, the extraordinary lengths she’d been to and the formidable preparation she’d undergone to get her to such a level.

But (and this is the big but) at no time did it enter my mind that she was a real ballet dancer! No more than I ever considered Sylvester Stallone a real boxer? As wonderful as he was in the Rocky films I never once felt inclined to phone Madison Square Garden enquiring as to when he and Mike Tyson might be squaring up!

Still, people do have their funny ways and in this case it certainly left me wearing a massive smile!