Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogging: Why Bother?

Well, why indeed? What merit blogging in a world wide web overflowing with a million narcissistic blogs chanting the mantra of me, me, me? Who’s interested in what you had for breakfast or what your favourite YouTube clip is? Well precisely..nobody really gives a ****!

or, so you might think?
But it’s amazing how interested people become in those otherwise irrelevant parts of your life once you’ve made a connection or tweaked their interest. OK, there’s a limit to the amount of interest but think about the fascination we all take in every little facet of our favourite celebrity? It’s just a question of degree. The more famous or the greater the connection, the more likely people are to be interested in you and the things you have to say or write about.

I’m not particularly famous but there’s every chance that the reason you’re now reading this blog is because you’ve either seen my web site or liked my painting or perhaps considered buying one and are now finding out a little more about me?

Whatever the reason, we have a connection. Tenuous maybe, but a connection all the same. Now you’re interested (to one degree or another) but it means you’ll read something from me which in a different context you wouldn’t give a thank you for.

But again to the question why bother? Well, for my part it happens that I simply enjoy writing my blog. Just as a million others in the internet void also enjoy writing theirs. What matters isn’t that most are destined to float in virtual oblivion, unread, unloved and overflowing in personal trivia.

All that matters surely, is that a lot of people out there get a degree of satisfaction writing them whilst a smaller number (any bodies guess?) get a degree of satisfaction reading them. Quid pro quo.