Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wheels Within Wheels

Wheels Within Wheels 2011 (Triptych, 20 x 16 inches each canvas)

Ok, so you might be wondering why I’ve chosen to paint a selection of Polo Mints mints floating in a rich chocolate sauce?

Could be I’m a crazed chocoholic?
Or…perhaps I’m endorsing a new product by Cadbury’s?

Well, that’s another story…. Actually it’s a variation on an abstract job I did a few years back called Wheels which was a cascade of fiery reds, opulent oranges and shimmering blue. In a word..colourful!
So I simply wondered (as one does) what it might be like to play with a similar composition but with a drastically different colour scheme?

So, away with the psychedelic hues and in with a visual fest of brown. Brown? But isn’t brown boring? Well no! Not when when you’re unleashing a palette of burnt umber, cocoa and succulent chocolate blended with burnt orange and seditious sepia. The possibilities are simply endless.

I used acrylic with my airbrush which allows me to build a series of fine, fast drying layers, creating depth and (utilising the canvases surface) some wonderful textual effects. I then used a tera cotta oil pastel (marvellous things) to both highlight/define and add extra texture to the edges of the rings.

Again I used the triptych format which I think works really well with compositions like this. I like the various elements bridging the gaps between each canvas, carrying the eye across and around the painting.

Circles work well in abstract. Both visually and symbolically they create interest, rhythm and a sense of movement. That makes them interesting and without interest you’re dead in the water. Or should I say dead in the chocolate sauce!