Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunset Swirl (Acrylic on Canvas 24 x30 inch)

Hi all,
Well…it’s been a while! Enough to say I’ve taken a few months away from the blogging treadmill to eh ‘rejuvenate that creative id’...phew!

So, with a reinvigorated palette..

..Let me introduce Sunset Swirl…pure expressionist painting from head to toe. An unrestrained outpouring of colour (my humble opinion) in a style I simply relish! I love the whole semi-abstract feel about this picture. Yes it’s a sunset (a subject I simply just eat up) but it might just as easily be a playful display of swirling colour! An abstract array of blending forms.
The sense of movement is suggested not only by the composition but also by the riot of surface layers building into an extremely effective impasto both of which give the painting it’s ‘breath’ of life.

I was so pleased with this style (mega-pleased!) that I immediately carried it on to even greater effect in my next painting SkyBlaze. Great to be back!

Catch you later