Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shattered(Acrylic on box canvas 39x16 inches)

Hi all
The other evening I was driving home from a friend’s house (yes I was shattered!) it was dark, wet and flecks of drizzle were trickling down the wing mirror. A car pulled up quickly behind me, nose up my behind, lights dazzling (brain obviously on vacation..thank you Mr Dazzle man) before screeching past and off into the night leaving me to ponder as to why such imbeciles inhabit the roads….

Except on this occasion said Mr Dazzle had offered me more than a glimmer of inspiration.
As soon as I got home I started to work on the image in my head. The image of a dazzling light reflected from distorted glass. Shattered shards streaking outwards. The multi-coloured light pulse emanating into the surrounding black abyss.

It’s not often that I am gifted the muse of inspiration by one of the worlds road jockeys. In this case his negligence and lack of courtesy yielded me the precious nugget of a good idea. So, thank you Mr. Razzle Dazzle man!

Catch you later