Saturday, October 13, 2007

This Ear Art Stuff is Getting Silly!

Hi all
So, here we go again. Another in the ‘you just couldn’t make it up’ series! This month’s loon of the month award goes to (drum roll please) Australian philosopher and performer Stelios Arcadio (above) who (in the true spirit of art) has had an ear surgically implanted into his forearm! Yep, another superb example of insanity perpetrated in the name of artistic expression. (I thought the Aussies knew better)
As if such an act of infantile proportions weren’t enough he also plans to (ready for it) fit a microphone inside the said ear in order that the audience might…listen to what it hears!!! Oh, wouldn’t we all just love tickets to that performance (so long Avril & Christina) can’t you just see the mile long cues around the block for that one?

Says Stelios…

“I think art should be more than simply illustrating ideas,"

ummm, like simply going out of your freaking head and wiring your third ear for sound! What’s next in this ‘sincere’ quest for artistic truth…an implanted set of tesicals on his forehead fitted with Dolby surround…home grown cinema for the more discerning testical connoisseur!

Seriously folks…in a world where many starve and legions struggle for noble causes isn’t there something utterly stomach churning about such a display of such epic self-aggrandizement. Yeah yeah I know, he has every right to his self expression (and yes I do defend his right to do it) but is it any wonder that the public bulk at their tax’s going to fund so many art-projects when attention seeking parasites like this one receive so much critical attention!

Catch you later