Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mystic Glow (Acrylic on box canvas 24x30 inches)

Hi all
It’s no use. The urge to produce another sunset simply proved unstoppable (not that I put up much of a struggle) However…

This time I thought I’d try a different approach?

Much as I love to slap a paint loaded brush against a pristine canvas (well, we all have quirks) the urge for a more, eh delicate approach, sometimes beckons.Recent experiments with the airbrush have so far yielded some rather promising results. The latest of which is Mystic Glow (above)

Not only can I achieve some incredibly subtle effects using multiple glazes but I also use substantially less paint (No mean consideration for the jobbing artist!) I also find I can therefore achieve a luminosity which perfectly enhances the subject matter.

I also loved the idea of playing with reflections; light shimmering upon a silky smooth surface. There’s nothing quite brings a painting to life like light reflected off water. It’s another piece of the jig-saw; an added dimension which when combined with all the other pictorial elements creates a more satisfying whole.

Sunsets ain’t ever gonna be the same again!

Catch you later