Friday, October 19, 2007

Tequila Sunset (Acrylic on box canvas 24x30 inches)

Hi all
Do you remember your first impression of a Tequila Sunrise? (umm, of course you do) That tall, beautiful, multi-coloured cocktail that both seduced our eyes and befuddled the senses. OK, so the next day we might well have cursed the very thought of the stuff, but…

We never ever ever forgot either its name or the way it looked!
So, when scratching my head for ideas to stretch my newly acquired airbrush skills this beverage inspired image (don't ask me why?) simply splashed back into my mind. Add a tall canvas, a simply setting and presto…a perfect setting for a simmering (tequila) sunset with that eh, definite twist of the exotic.

As I said in my last post, the wonderful thing about using the airbrush is its ability to create subtle effects by building your surface in fine layers. I was really thrilled with the effervescent quality I captured in the sky by using multiple glazes of ultra marine and Cerulean blue. An effect enhanced by the complimentary use of the yellows and red. Ouch, that red looks really hot!

Very pleased with this one folks. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to come together and all your grand schemes are reduced to a motley collection of muddy hues and inept composition! Nice then to have the 'sun set' (groan) on a successful piece of work, and no…I’m not going to celebrate with an evening on Tequila Sunrise!

Catch you later