Friday, September 21, 2007

Distant Shores (Triptych 16x20 inches each canvas)

Hi all,
As an artist I’m always on the lookout for ideas. (Aren’t we all?) Influences coming in all manner of guises, be it the work of someone I admire (the list is endless) a scene I see whilst out for a walk, a movie, or perhaps quite often a photograph.

I’ve always been fascinated by ariel photos where landscapes take on that patchwork quilt effect, or those satellite images where entire coast lines are reduced to abstract shapes…ready material for the painter to capture, conjure and metamorphosize into something with a distinct ShirleyBod spin!
What I love about Distant Shores is that it can work both as a purely abstract piece, free of deliberate form or subject matter, as well as working as an interesting interpretation of one of those ‘on high’ views of some shoreline (red sea aside!) However, in order to reduce that ‘ariel photo look (that ordinance survey feel) I’ve deliberately chosen the triptych format which splits the composition serving to emphasize its painterly origins.

This is an element I love to get into my work (where possible) that multi faceted quality that makes for both a more enjoyable viewing as well as painting experience.
Catch you later



Lapa said...

Do you know one of the best portuguese writers ever: CRISTÓVÃO DE AGUIAR?

Thank you.

ShirleyBod said...

I'm sorry to say that I havn't had the pleasure of reading him. If I had a thousound years I would make it my mission to read all the worlds great writers!