Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rustic Edge (Acrylic on canvas 24x30 inches)

Hi all
One of the great joys I get from abstract painting is the freedom to indulge in the wonderful possibilities of surface. For me that blank canvas is like a playground of infinite possibility simply begging to be unleashed!I love to play with texture, to tease the canvas with a variety of contrasting marks and spontaneous passages. Rustic Edge is my attempt to evoke that effect that the elements have upon a surface. Wind and rain upon a corrugated roof or the gradual corrosion of a rusty car in some forgotten field. I love that worn look as metal corrodes and a myriad subtle shades are released as the light hits it from a dozen angles.

I was also really lucky with the light when I photographed this one. Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, you just can’t seem to capture your ‘labour of love’ to its best advantage. (Very disheartening) but here the Gods smiled and the light caught the surface perfectly…well, as near perfectly as modesty allows!

Catch you later