Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guardians (Acrylic on box canvas Size 61x76cm)

Hi all,
I felt a return to a blatantly ethnic theme was way overdue! So, what better than a couple of highly stylized figures in ‘full on’ tribal mode. Simple composition yet… evoking that warm earthy quality that so epitomizes the whole African mystique.
I really love doing these semi-abstracted paintings. What I aim to do (and not always successfully!) is lay down several washes while subtly diffusing the colours to give me a warm and vibrant background where the colours blend both evenly and naturally. Then using the palette knife I create my stylized figures with a fairly thick impasto gently shaped and finished with brush and fingers. Walla…a genuine slice of ethnic flavored painting to please Pablo himself.

Trying different styles and themes is a certain recipe to bringing a greater degree of depth and skill to your work. A painting such as Guardians (with its heavily stylized elements) works (in my opinion) all the more successfully because of my time spent doing paintings which are 100% abstract.

Catch you later



JCanals said...

Hello dear Shirley, I hope you feel well next to yours. you know? although I always do not leave commentaries I visit your blog. I want to have your email to write but followed. my affection for you, until soon.

ShirleyBod said...

Hi Josue, cómo es agradable oír de usted. Espero que usted sea bien y el keeing ocupado. No he sido bien recientemente sino aceptable ahora. También miro su blog. ¡Usted se parece siempre tener cargas de artículos interesantes e información... usted debe pasar mucho tiempo el trabajo en él! Pienso que el Internet es un lugar tan maravilloso para encontrar apenas sobre cualquier cosa que usted desea saber. ¡Espere que todo el esto traduzca muy bien! Se permanece en contacto y mi respeto caliente Shirley