Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'Wheels' Diptych, 2 canvases at 20x16inches or 51x41cm each

Hi all,
Yep, this one came out really well, hmm, not too bad at all. Not that I have A penchant for blowing my own trumpet (perish the thought!) but sometimes it all just…

Comes together sweetly…and (dare I say) easily!

In a way that makes you wish that painting worked like that every single time. No huffing, nor rabid expletives accompanied by a flurry of furiously hurled brushes…grrrrr!
Wheels sizzles. It’s hot and those vibrant colours seemed the perfect antidote to our oh so lackluster summer (what summer?) I wanted its circular forms to sweep the eye around the painting in a similar fashion to Van Gogh’s glorious Starry Night (just loooooove that painting Vincent)

You see I just felt the need to go abstract with this one. I mean real abstract. As opposed to…want to know what really hacks me off? It’s when you see artists online (eBay springs to mind) who time and again palm off every painting they do as abstract. They paint a face slightly idealized…it’s abstract. They use unconventional colours in a landscape or still life…it’s abstract. In fact any theme, they approach without Kodak certified 100% realism somehow manifests it’s self as…you’ve guessed it…ABSTRACT!

Of course some of them are simply cynically exploiting the gap in many peoples knowledge of art. People who (to give them some credit) wish to assume the trappings of culture without perhaps umm, delving too deeply into such pedestrian details such as....the facts!

Catch you later