Sunday, July 08, 2007

Indecision? (acylic-on-box-canvas-30x24 inches or 76x61 cm)

Hi all,
I’m not usually indecisive but on this occasion…I admit I was in two minds about where to go on this one!

Plan 1…A colourful outpouring of unrestrained abstract abandon. Dazzling hues and simmering shades. Perhaps a mournful plea to our non existent British Summer!

Plan 2…A darker, much more somber, moodier piece to suit our rain sodden, waterlogged excuse of a Summer…grrrr, where has the summer gone!
So, after a few umms and ahhhs...I opted for Plan 2.

It’s raw, broken and has that unfinished quality that quirky side to me soooo appreciates! It’s anarchic, insolent and in my view certainly needs a very stern telling off by those art critics amongst you prefer a more sanitized art form.

The colour lays like tactile slabs breaking up the morbidity of the dark green. I achieved the lattice effect highlights using Gold leaf gilding paste which looks and feels very rich and is perfect for that slightly unusual effect.

It’s dark but I really enjoyed painting this one!

Catch you later



Anonymous said...

Shirley I am trying my hand at my artistic side and your paintings are inspiring. I am interested in finding a canvas of this proportion 30x24 inches. Where might I find one?

ShirleyBod said...

Hello Anonymous!

Thank you for your comments (it's always nice to have compliments!) I'm delighted to hear you wish to flex your creative I've given you a selection of sites below...simply copy and paste the addresses into your brower and you should find what you're looking for.

Most of my canvases come fom here ( the ones on this page are great value )

Also good for canvases

Great site for paints and mediums etc

Hope this helps...good luck and all the best