Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bad Taste on Steroids!

Hi all,
If in the next few days you happen to take leave of all your senses then perhaps you’d care to visit Guardian Unlimited and indulge their fanciful whim that you might just be interested in downloading ‘an original piece’ by Gilbert & George (Pictured) As for myself…

I’d rather exfoliate my legs with a blunt cheese grater!
Who on earth in any state resembling cognitive sanity would want to download a selection of high resolution images by these two talent less buffoons, print them out on A4 then piece them together to create what exactly? Some bizarre testament to sewer standards and bad taste on steroids!

What a wonderful way to while away your precious time!

Isn’t it so typical of that out of touch, trendy Guardian mindset which assumes that work by this ridiculous pair is somehow akin to some form of National Treasure? Work which we jolly proles will... simply love darling...just as much as the luvvie arty set seems to.

Please God rid us of such charlatans who thrive in an art world utterly bereft of standards, morals and any sense of their own irony!

Free Gilbert & George artwork only in the spirit of freedom of choice and assuming you've nothing better to do!

Catch you later