Thursday, May 03, 2007

Here's One I Did Earlier!

Hi all!
Carrying on from the theme of a change being as good as rest I thought I would display my latest creation (Red-Relief) from a rather less conventional viewpoint, a slightly more dynamic angle, in an attempt to add a small grain of excitement to your online experience. Now, who can say I never provide value for money!

OK, so assuming you’re all simply blown away by the visuals…
So here’s Red-Relief (Acrylic on Box Canvas: 30"x20", 60x51cm) and yes it really was done earlier, Monday I think, or was it Tuesday? (Sorry folks, serious brain fatigue setting in!) The palette reflected the sumptuous weather we had that day, and probably hinted strongly at my subconscious urge to toss my entire artistic regalia into the bin and sprint blissfully out into the sunshine (doubtlessly to the strains of George Harrison singing Here come the Sun!)

I love playing with contrasts. Be it with colour or surface or indeed theme. It’s those contrasts that add interest, provide the work with its bite, its character and personality.

To which end I build up a thick impasto to create a rich relief which I felt worked very well to act as contrast to the smooth tones and texture of the upper portion of the painting. I used a palette knife to sculpt out the marble like effect and though I couldn’t imagine completing an entire piece using a knife I have to admit it adds a very useful tool to the surface making armory.

No theme or subtext here. Just the simple play of paint on canvas... Abstact passages performed as the mood took hold or chance took over and spun a quilt of colour words.

Catch you later