Thursday, May 17, 2007

Remember to Check My Pulse

Hi all,
Want to know something? I really enjoyed painting this one. Of course I love all my creative offspring but one does have ones favorites! There’s always the one that possesses that certain spark, that special elusive quality. One that leaves you with a delicious taste of satisfaction.
I wanted a sunset theme with an abstract quality. Something that worked both as an image and as a playful expression in paint.

The result was Pulse (Acrylic on box canvas 40x20 inches or 102x51cm) which seemed to resemble some throbbing storm of turbulent colour. A fiery swirl reminiscent of some molten planet forever in flux. As I gazed at the finished result (as you do with that sense of smug self congratulatory ego stretching!) it seemed to almost glow, to throb even, with an internal pulse.

Either that or too many late nights watching the Matrix Trilogy!

Catch you later