Sunday, April 15, 2007

RedSquare Struts it's Stuff!

Hi all,
OK comrades, so it might not be the most subtle title in the world but it did seem a very apt one considering I was watching Dr Zhivago when it was painted! I know, it was really far too nice a day to be stuck indoors wielding a loaded brush. But if I must be inside I do demand that I have my little diversions. Sometimes I like loud pulsating rock music and on other occasions I like um… soppy movies with gallons of gooey sentiment.

RedSquare (Acrylic 24"x30"on box canvas) definitely has echoes of Cubes (one of my recent abstract undertakings) and again I’m drawn to this desire to convey radiating heat by combining reds and yellows.
Again I’ve used a series of compartmentalized areas to create a sense of a fractured picture plane. I’m not sure if I’ve been completely successful but I ‘m pleased with the overall result.

This type of painting forces me to be disciplined. Yeah, I have fun and often allow the composition to simply follow a natural flow but as I wrote a couple of weeks back…

“This doesn't mean a massive cop out for the artist to indulge in playful whimsy. Rather it highlights a greater need than ever to understand the effects of colour, form and composition”

Have your fun by all means but always be in charge of the painting. Don’t let the dog take you for the walk!

Catch you later