Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Who is Worth £30 Million?

Hi all,
Why on earth has the news that popular Double act Ant and Dec (above) who have secured a two-and-a-half year golden handshake deal (worth around £30 million) raised such a chorus of hissy fit’s and righteous disapproval from certain areas of our (oh so impartial and highly paid) media…?
I know it’s a massive sum.

Yes and I know Surgeons and Firefighters and Nurses get sweet sod all in comparison. (Blame our Government folks!)

However when you consider that Damian Hurst was listed in last years Times rich list as being worth £100 Million or that the utterly useless duo Gilbert & George are raking in a fortune (for manufacturing profane images of excrement) then comparison would suggest our Geordie lads are an absolute bargain!

I’ll take a good laugh from them as opposed to all the poisoned hypocrisy of the farty Britart crowd any day.

I’m an artist…get me out of here!

Catch you later