Saturday, April 14, 2007

Me of Many Parts

Hi all,
Sometimes it’s just way too easy to ssslide completely into being totally absorbed in your art. I mean really transfixed to the point of near addition. (Cue splashed cold water over the face and a spell of cold turkey to boot!) Perhaps time to allow the creative id some R&R and a chance to simply…play. Perchance cast off those stern shackles of perfectionism and maybe…

Take it easy!

Pamper the child within, relax and simply chill out…
OK I’m sure you get the picture. So basically it’s time to doodle, experiment and sharpen up a few other skills at the same time. Which leads me to my little montage (above, which I produced using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter) this was a composite of me. Me in action. Me close up and in the fray. Multi tasking multi-purpose ShirleyBod! If you want to get noticed on the web then sometimes you need to jettison subtle and think showy…think eye grabbing.

Now it must be obvious to anyone whose seen and read about my work that I love working with natural media. (You bet I do) I love it and wouldn’t swap the smell of paint, a loaded brush or my acrylic caked dungarees for anything!

However there are some aspects of the visual arts that programs like Painter and Photoshop can do far better (and yes…much quicker!) than conventional media will allow. This is especially true if your intended use is for web graphics which by their very nature have to be designed subject to issues of file size etc.

So there you go. Yet another little slither of insight into my ‘away from painting’ activity. A veritable outpouring of personal tittle-tattle. Bet your thinking I must really knock them dead at parties!

Catch you later



ArtsWom said...

Hi Shirley,

Thank you for the lovely comment by the way - you're words are very much appreciated!

I spent a long time teaching myself PS and too enjoyed pampering my inner child by taking a blank canvas, adding some layers of solid colour and just going nuts with different paintbrushes. Creative therapy at its best!

ShirleyBod said...

You’re so right. Sometimes you just have to forget the grind and simply wallow in some creative play! Doodle away and perhaps by chance discover some new technique that might serve you well in the future.