Thursday, April 12, 2007

Composer Slates Labour Over Arts!

Hi all,
Did you see Scottish composer Peter Maxwell Davies scathing assault on the British government accusing them of ignoring the importance of serious art, literature, and music (as if they would!) just days after the director of the National Gallery did the same? Davis said…
“Keeping people in a state of ignorance is good for the government in power - it precludes the possibility of articulate criticism, induces political apathy, and its by-product is a frustration which bursts forth into seemingly mindless, unmotivated violence."

Where did all that New Labour love go!

OK, so I don’t agree with the ‘unmotivated violence’ angle (There is no exscuse!) However I applaud and agree with every thing else he says. You don’t have to be chapter and verse familiar with Orwell’s 1984 to realize the dangers of subverting a population’s ability to think, question and articulate their grievances with the powers that be. We all of us, as citizens in an open society, have to be forever vigilant against those agencies who would (with the aid of ignorance) deprive us of that very openness.
To quote John F Kennedy

“One of the cornerstones of democracy is a well informed citizenry”

Amen to that!

Catch you later