Thursday, April 05, 2007

Queen Insists…It’s Turner!

Hi all,
Let’s hear it for Queen Liz (Hip...Hooray!) From genuine art lovers across the realm a thousand thankyou’s for insisting that JMW Turner represent Britain at the Capolavori dell’ Arte Europea (Masterpieces of European Art) exhibition in Rome. There is a God after all! This exhibition celebrates 50 ‘glorious’ years of the European Union to which end 27 heads of state were asked their choice of artwork to represent their respective nations.

Apparently our Queen was most adamant about her choice; one that I doubt would have been shared by our self serving Art Establishment. Left to them we doubtless would have sent any number of Britart creations ranging from effluent smeared installations to frozen genitals!

Thus Tate Britain duly chose ‘The Arrival of Louis-Philippe at Portsmouth, 1844’ (above) which had long been thought to depict a scene from Venice but four years ago was actually discovered to show the arrival of the French “Citizen King” to visit Queen Victoria – an apt Anglo-French example of hands across the water!

So our unreserved thanks Mam for injecting some much needed sanity into a very, very mad world. Oh and by the way, is there any chance of you portraying Helen Mirren in the near future?

Catch you later