Saturday, March 31, 2007

Has the Abstract Bug Bitten?

Hi all,
Has the abstract bug bitten? Um, I think that’s a distinct possibility! In my post on Wednesday (One up on Picasso!) I confessed that I’d never before ventured into the hallowed realms of the abstract. So of course now there’s nothing to stop me. The ice is broken; the ideas are flowing and whilst I doubt if it will become my predominant style I shall none the less embrace it with gusto!

So, here is abstract number two. The aptly named Cubes. Or perhaps Cubes in blocks of hot coloured hues. It echoes my love affair with red as I seek to create a series of multiple colour planes. Each a self contained frame, a building block supporting its neighbour. Certainly restrained as the boxes are compressed within the picture plane dynamic. Does this invoke a degree of tension or does it perhaps suggest a feeling of reassurance as solid almost phalanx like ranks reinforce our sense of security?

This is the beautiful nature of the abstract. It can appeal simply and directly to the aesthetic or evoke a more complex and multi-layered response. The observer interrupts according to their own perceptions. This doesn't mean a massive cop out for the artist to indulge in playful whimsy. Rather it highlights a greater need than ever to understand the effects of colour, form and composition. Forget these and you may as well make mud pies. Remember them and hopefully that bug will just keep biting and biting...

Catch you later