Saturday, March 31, 2007

Does He Ignore The Money?

Hi all,
Mr. Damien Hurst (our leading ‘Britart icon’ pictured above) was quoted as saying “I always ignore money” (well, of course you do Damien!) Doesn’t this strike anyone else as a slightly curious statement for a man who only last year joined the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated fortune of 100 million pounds?($197 million) Still, perhaps no more curious than the continued pursuit of one multi million pound commission after another by a man so careful to cultivate his ‘cor blimey’ (I’m one of the lads) street image. Yeah Damien, roll on the revolution.

Look, I’ve absolutely nothing against wealth nor the pursuit of the capitalist ideal (please, show me the money!) However, what does bug me big time are these wanabe ‘social outsiders’ with their oh so edgy, we’re on the margins of society routine. They whimper their phoney contempt for the whole capitalist gravy train, affecting a camaraderie with the downtrodden and a loathing for all things materialistic whilst simultaneously leaping aboard that same train destined for the nearest Hedge Fund Manager to bank roll their latest cash cow! And that folks, is sadly Showbiz.

Catch you later