Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sunkist Set to Sizzle!

Hi all,
Does the mood you’re in always reflect (to some greater or lesser degree) the subject you choose? Of course there are times when your choice might be totally at odds with your frame of mind. If perchance the blue moods threaten I reject that urge to immerse myself in somber hues and themes suggesting some darker aspect.

Better by far to revel in a…

Flow of glowing colours.

Brilliant reds
Dazzling yellows
Crisp and effervescent shades…
Today the sunshine danced; yes it did and I delighted in the radiance that seemed to pour from my creative id. The midday heat, the sizzle seemed to suggest a painting of fiery tones. So Sunkist (24"x30" box canvas) seemed a perfect phrase, an apt enough title for an abstract work inspired in the haze on an early April noon. And yes, I must confess, I 'm pleased as punch with the result!

Here’s to early summer days. Warm and hazy but never lazy. Here’s to clear blue skies and those quiet corners where our muse might bring us… the gift of inspiration.

Catch You later