Monday, April 23, 2007

Keeping the Connections Fresh!

Hi all,
Yikes, I ‘m seriously in danger of falling very badly behind. In an umm, artistic scheduling sort of way. You know, as that usual ‘to-do’ list takes on a life of its own. Swelling, growing and consuming all and every spare crumb around it with its ravenous appetite…grrrrrrr!

Where does all the time go and how do we adapt our brains to that ever green conundrum?
Often when I ‘m painting, an idea (hitherto unformed) suddenly bursts out, taking me totally by surprise and proceeds to drag me off to some new, sometimes strange, (but never boring) tantalizing direction. If it’s an abstract painting then I purposely welcome these ‘creative bursts’ eager to play out whatever possibilities the idea presents.

Connections (Diptych Acrylic (2 Box Canvases: 30x20 inches 60x51 cm each) seemed the perfect metaphor for my feelings of frustration regarding the limits of time and the dilemma of only having one head to ponder that ever growing to-do list.

So, the diptych serves as the perfect platform to echo the two sides of our own self. The human brain. Left and right hemispheres apart and yet one. Constant, complex connections running between them in bewildering patterns of ideas, dreams and myriad conundrums!

It also struck me that the central mass of the painting (which I built up with lattice like layers of thick impasto) could also resemble a mother- board, a microchip city of circuits merging in a million intricate electrical connections which so perfectly captures our brains complexity.

Who said painting was simply playing with colour!

So art fans, abstract painting can so often be a passionate outpouring of emotion, a carefree sweep of form and colour or it can touch on themes, ideas and concerns which other mediums might fall far short of emulating. To which I might also add…its really great fun!

Catch you later