Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fly the Saatchi Standard

Hi all,
Reading an online interview with Charles Saatchi (above right, Art Patron & former Spin King) I was stuck by the admiration he still obviously holds for former Prime Minister (and his former boss) Margaret Thatcher (above left)

She created an environment in Britain where people felt they could escape the role they had been pushed into. They no longer had to be dropouts and failures. Students like Damien Hirst felt they could do absolutely anything."

Well, obviously in Damian Hirst’s case, this is an illusion under which he still blissfully labors….or is that New Labours?
Still, it’s a little curious, when you consider how much Damian and his chums despise the whole Thatcher legacy, how involved these ‘edgy artists’ always have been with the very man (take a bow Charles Saatchi) who helped the Iron Lady stay in power for so long!

"Three Cheers for Britart and raise the double standard"

Catch you later