Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Abstract Evolution

Hi all,
What a bright, spanking sun kissed day it’s been! Way too glorious for long hours spent laboring over a hot canvas (sizzle sizzle) Oh no, not this bod, not today thank you! Today was for me and for…


The joy of simply chilling out with a tall, cold drink; a floppy hat, a shady spot and a favored piece of pulp fiction. Yummy! Yes that just about hits the spot perfectly…

Just as well then, I had my creative socks on ripe and early. Up, ready, tooled and all set at first light. I wanted something ethnic in tone. Something with a definite um, fizz, a slice of that early, effervescent light that streamed into my studio this morning. The creative juices were salivating as the magenta melded perfectly with purple. Playful passages of gold overlaying and highlighting; serving to underpin the paintings composition. Now, that was looking good.

Considering it was painted early in the day Evolution (Acrylic on Box Canvas: 30"x20", 60x51cm) seemed an apt enough name (unless you’re a Creationist!) It certainly set my day up perfectly. Leaving me able to indulge myself, in what evolved into, an exceedingly pleasant day of aimless thoughts and ambling ideas. Brain therapy as the Doctor never ordered and without as much as a cat’s whisker of guilt. Purr-fect!

Catch you later