Sunday, April 22, 2007

Breaking the Abstract Frenzy!

Hi all,
Yesterday was a teasing tempest of a day. A caffeine fueled frenzy of fun filled activity! All go no slacking, paintings to be finished, photographed, and then listed on eBay. Plus…all those usual personal and business commitments always conjured up by the weekend!

“Beam me up Mr. Scot!”

Phew! So, in a calmer vein may I present my latest abstract addition to the ShirleyBod hall of infamy…Breakers (Dyptych: 2 Canvases 16”x20” 45x51cm)

Why Breakers? Well, I guess I was thinking of the sea as I swept the paint across the canvas surface. (As one does) You know, in that rhythmic sway of swish and across. The textured pattern in the foreground seemed to suggest…
a beach perhaps or some rugged coast line with the salty spray or spit like surf gently breaking… you get the picture.

Eagle eyed observers will note (sorry no prizes) a slight departure here in both my choice of the Diptych format and a more restrained (me, restrained?) use of colour. (No searing hot reds or glowing yellows here folks!) Often I just love playing with compositional ideas. It’s always a thrill to act on an impulse, abandon caution and simply paint without restraint. No plan, no concerns about the whys the how’s or the justification of it all.

And if you’re lucky you end up with a painting you can feel a slither of pride in and that you guys might just like. Well, here’s hoping!

Catch you latter