Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Plaudits for Arts Phony Duo

Hi all,
Ever had the feeling that you’ve woken up in some bizarre parallel dimension where the laws of reality, common sense and yes, good taste, have not only been turned upside down but actually tossed away all together? Then welcome to the sanity free, indeed unsanitary, world of Gilbert and George (above). A realm where images of excrement and profanity are hailed as possessing an oracle like insight into our troubled Eden!
Here you can attempt (if your stomach allows) to explain the avalanche of praise heaped upon this humourless ‘couple’ by an art world so corrupted by it’s own rotting values that it can no longer detect the stench of decay under it’s own nostrils!

Gilbert and George (as well as being performance ‘artists’) have been presenting their phony photographic montages for far, far too long. With their pathetic parade of vacuous ‘artwork’ they have hoodwinked the art establishment and succeeded in their dubious quest to become the darlings of the London art scene. Now, thanks to their latest exhibition at Tate Modern we now have to endure not only unprecedented exposure but waves of articles spewing platitudes testifying as to their place in the pantheon of British art! So, farewell to logic, reason and good sense in an Art world where pigs not only fly but their sh*t is likely to make them the toast of the town!

Gilbert & George: Infamous Five

Catch you later