Monday, March 26, 2007

Painting on a Knife’s Edge

Hi all,
I often get that urge to surf the web on an impulse. Click from site to site. Always hoping to uncover (in a sea of senseless bullsh*t) …well, you know, a nugget or two of inspiration. Perhaps that little spark of creative zest I might care to bookmark. Then one lucky click and Walla! So, If you like raw, spontaneous oil painting loaded with atmosphere and able to evoke a genuine sense of place then you’ll enjoy the work of Chris Geall
Chris comes from Whitby, North Yorkshire, a fact made evident as you gaze at his landscapes dripping with seasonal scenes of rustic power. Created with dexterous strokes of the palette knife (his favored tool) he appears to be at one both with his subject and with his chosen medium. These are painterly images. Carved, almost sculptured onto the canvas with an accomplished hand evoking what an equally discerning eye dictates.

These paintings stand up for themselves without recourse to repellent undercurrents or a ‘smack you in the face’ assault on your taste. This is art you pay good money for. Paintings you hang on the wall and allow your friends to enjoy. The kind of art that would never ever get a whiff of the Turner Prize anymore than Turner himselfwould!

Chris also has his own website which he claims is in it’s infancy but is probably a refreshing antidote to the glut of glossy, oh so smooth webmaster efforts on show. He also posts a first rate blog in which he talks about his art and some of the working methods he employs. And of course there are plenty of paintings on show. Well worth a read, a look and yes…perhaps even that bookmark!

PS. Oh and also check out his speeded up videos, great stuff!

Chris Geall Website
Chris Geall Blog

Catch you later