Friday, March 16, 2007

Painted People Power

On the Wild Side
Check this one out. Boo Ritson is an artist who takes real people, covers their faces, hair and clothes in a thick impasto of wet paint (as above) and then discusses the results in a diatribe of ‘artspeak’. Well OK, I admit that my first impression was “Jesus, not more Britart bullshit! Served up with dollops of modern artist mantra and ‘over egged’ justification” But to be fair, (yes I do try to be!) the more I looked the more intrigued I became with her rather bizarre creations. In fact I found myself (dare I say it) quite liking them!

No, this doesn’t mean I’ve sold my soul to Saatchi and now sup virgin’s blood with Damian Hurst and company. It’s just that occasionally I see an idea that seems to suggest an ‘ah ha’ moment. Something that’s capable of being a little odd but doesn’t insult (or assault) my eyes. I like the notion of transforming people, of making them look like paintings. There’s something rather childlike, even naïve in the papier-Mâché look of these inert beings. Alright, we don’t need wagonloads of waffle to grasp their point. We need only our eyes, our own offbeat taste and a desire to sometimes take an occasional walk on the wild side.

Catch you later