Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Has Tracey Emin Got Your Wallet?

Well, here we go again with another slice of well baked ‘pie in the sky’. To mark the 60th anniversary of Arts Council England our ‘National Treasure’ Tracey Emin (yep, she of the unmade bed and other ‘worthy’ wonders) has designed a wallet for commuters featuring her cat Docket (Dockets the one pictured on the right!)to be used for train and bus passes due to be distributed in the streets of Brighton on March 22. Of course they will all be ‘free’ and yes of course luv it’s all being done for our benefit as part of the Art in Your Hand project. Which in turn will so spectacularly succeed in driving us proles in our droves into the hallowed temples of Britart up and down the nation? Yeah, just watch out for the rush as we Brits go wild over our lass Tracey!

Let’s be real here. The only significant wallet in this whole sad story is the increasingly fat one belonging to Emin and her talentless Britart cohorts! Oh and not forgetting that ever decreasing wallet belonging to Joe Taxpayer! Umm, but then our elitist friends never do forget nor do they turn done the chance to pilfer public coffers to gild their loaded pockets.

Catch you later


Luke Smith said...

Arts Council England is celebrating 60 years of funding the arts and these travel wallets are part of that. We think they are an exciting scheme as they put covetable works of arts directly in to the hands of the public we serve. Other bloggers agree with us. But if ShirleyBodArt readers have other views on what principles should guide public funding of the arts today then lets hear it at the arts debate. This is Arts Council England's first ever public value enquiry and we've already had a lot of lively online contributions.

Luke Smith, Project Manager, The Arts Debate

ShirleyBod said...

Well thank you Luke. I will always support any artist's right to create work according to their conscience, however much I may disagree or dislike that artist’s work. What I don't agree with is the intellectual snobbery and contempt for public opinion by those same artists who are so willing to profit from the public’s money!

ArtsWom said...

Hi Shirley,

I did not mean to paint you as some sort of cynical anti-funding type! The sentiment expressed in your article is fairly typical of that felt by many people interested in the arts - and, I imagine, by the general public as well. I completely agree that the reasoning behind such funding seems totally counter-productive to increasing credibility in the arts.

Thank you for the comment, your compliments are gratefully accepted and reciprocated in kind :)