Thursday, March 22, 2007

Miracle Girls ‘Magic’ Flowers

What a courageous little girl five-year-old Sophie Delezio is. After enduring so much she adds a fresh chapter to her modern-day miracle as one of her paintings titled Flowers (above) joins other works of art to be auctioned for the benefit of the Royal Far West Children's Health Scheme.

In December 2003 Sophie and her friend Molly Wood suffered terrible injuries when a car smashed into their day care centre. Sophie lost an ear, fingers and both feet. Then, in May last year, unbelievably a car knocked her down as her nanny pushed her in a pram across a pedestrian crossing! Through of all this five-year-old Sophie has captured hearts and amazed people across the world by smiling her brave, most captivating smile.

Life affirming magic indeed. Isn’t the very sight of this brave little girl enough to put the problems of the daily drudge into its correct perspective? And don’t such stories always act as tonic to take away that ‘rat race’ stench so all consuming in our modern life!

Catch you later