Saturday, March 24, 2007

'Journeys End' Is My New Beginning

Well, after weeks of artistic ‘hibernation’ I’ve finally kicked my creative arse back into gear and here is the result. I call it ‘Journeys End’ which seems not only an appropriate title for the above work but also an apt metaphor for my own recent quest to find somewhere we could at last call home. So, house moving stuff aside, I can at last let loose a long sigh and look forward to wallowing in my creative juices. (The proverbial pig in pooh no less!)

Once again I’ve continued with my preoccupation (obsession!) with skies. I just luv em! They’re so expressive, vibrant and alive. They warm the soul, sooth the eyes and add a healthy dollop of colour into a sometimes monotone world. Allied with an African theme they make for the perfect visual setting.

Again I’ve used a panoramic box canvas 48"x16"(I’m really falling in love with these) they’re absolutely brilliant for creating that whole wide open vista effect; you know the ‘Out of Africa’ look!

System 3Acrylics remains my favorite working medium. They’re robust (I can lay them on in a thick impasto) they respond beautifully to the brush yet allow me to achieve some very subtle effects. Which does tend to be a rather important consideration when tackling a subject like skies?

Ah, it’s good being back in the saddle, brush in hand and ready to unleash the creative id. Yep, I know my style of painting isn’t likely to go down well with the ‘in crowd’ or attract a mention from our overly serious ‘scribes’ but hey, that makes painting them all the more enjoyable!

Catch you later