Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Golden Age of Bullsh*t!

Cultures Real Vulture?
Nearly a week has passed since Tony Blair’s cringe inducing Golden Age of Art’ speech at the Tate modern. In typical New Labour style he stole the clothes, hijacked the moment and used the arts as shield to his countless failings as Prime minister. Oh Tony did you think that a few ill chosen lines aimed at the intellectual vanity of the anointed few would heal a decade of artistic reticence?
Reaction since then has been mixed as spin and flannel flog the issue to a timely death. The most interesting opinion (as always) comes via the countless blog entries and their thought provoking comments. Here are two which reflect a certain (though not necessarily my own) dissatisfied ‘perspective’…

“Art is fine but it doesn't stop people getting shot, bombed, gassed, incinerated and generally physically rearranged on a massive scale simply for being in a country that we wish to control. Some might even say that an increased interest in the arts is part of the general "bread and circuses" phenomenon diverting our collective attention from more important matters than pickled sheep”

“Why should the government take ANY credit for this?
I can't remember when I last visited a museum or a theatre in the UK, what a yawn, eh? Music's the same, boring rubbish.
But I can't wait to visit a Supercasino! After a vist to the 24-hour pub, of course.
And there must be loads of lapdancing clubs in London that even I haven't been to yet, some of those Slav girls, well, phew...
Now there's REAL culture in modern Britain for you! Thanks Tessa Jowell! No doubt you've told Tony his legacy is secure???”

Well yes, food for thought. Let’s not even start on the subject of Casino’s (New Labours brave new world…Thanks Tessa Jowell!) Time and again ordinary people (that rules out Melvyn Bragg) from many shades of political opinion seem contemptuous of yet another Blarite performance of smoke and mirrors. Please Tony, do the trick properly and disappear soon!

Catch you later