Friday, February 09, 2007

Critics Indignant Over Kylie!

We Should Be So Lucky!
Hi all,
Oh dear me, it seems our elitist friends are at it again. Talons out (hissy fits aplenty!) Heaping bilious remarks over the V&A’s decision to hold an exhibition which focuses’s on (horror of horrors) Kylie Minouge’s costumes throughout her career. My God, will civilization as we know it ever be the same again? C’mon, I’m not exactly a huge Kylie fan but compared to some of the warped, talent free cr*p hoisted upon us by the anointed few I’m willing to give our antipodean cousin the benefit of the doubt.

Chief Kylie critic is Stephen Bayley (The Observer's architecture critic and a design ‘expert’) who questions whether such an exhibition is fitting for such a prestigious venue. ‘I am conflicted about this,' he admitted. 'If they are going to put Kylie's dresses in the chamber of horrors that is one thing, but if it is to be a mute celebration of the life of a celebrity, then it is not such a worthy thing.’ … Oh Stephen how very droll!

OK, lets be serious and lets be crystal clear on this one. This is the same Stephen Bayley who ran the Boilerhouse Project with Terence Conran at the V&A in the Eighties. Eh the same project that included such (worthy) exhibitions as Ford, Sony, Issey Miyake and Coca Cola.(All so well known for their worthy cultural contributions) Um, OK so lets see Coca Cola (Billion Dollar mega global conglomerate) is good. Whilst Kylie Minouge (Hugely popular entertainer) is really not such a worthy thing! About as worthy as when our Mr Bayley worked as a consultant for the Coca Cola Company? Still holding the high moral ground Stephen?

Another sad story you just can’t make up. It’s bad enough that we endure these pretentious self appointed critics who constantly sneer at all that is popular whilst consistently elevating their own intolerant tastes. Worse still when we must endure the stench of their hypocrisy wafting up from whatever sewer their kind inhabit.

Catch you later