Sunday, February 11, 2007

That Home Moving Feeling

Not Much Time For Blogging!
Hi all,
Well, after much consideration, contemplation and um, gnashing of teeth the decision has been made… we’re finally moving house! Packing up and setting off to pastures greener. Out and hopefully up as a new chapter beckons. So, here I am (Yes I know, I know I'm tired and FED UP!) As you do when you’re in the midst of your own self made bombsite, don’t you just love it? Surrounded (entombed) by all our collective clutter (So, where exactly does it all come from, surely somebody could write a book called the collective clutter theory?)

Alas events have left precious little time for painting (blogging!) or any such aesthetic pursuits. The ‘things to do’ list grows and grows, already reading like the manifest for a small scale invasion. And, no matter how diligently I seem to plan I just can’t shake off this lingering fear that I’ve forgotten something of absolutely seismic importance! Ah well, it’s worth every bit of slog and assorted aggravation. David keeps my spirits up with endless cups of tea, infusions of humorous banter and, as always, plenty of TLC. Anyway you’ve got to laugh. Either that or …perhaps be in danger of taking such things far too seriously.

Catch you later