Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life sometimes does get better!

Working at what I love Best..
Hi All,

Here’s me doing one of those oh so natural photo calls. Impromptu it isn’t! (Note the smile struggling like crazy to get out!) Umm, well all I wanted to do was pop into our local gallery. You know, press the flesh, chew the cud and generally see how my work was selling? Just after Christmas you see, things still a bit… slow. Everybody still a tad… skint! It all seems so very eh..Van Gogh this time of year.

Still it gave Hubbie a chance to loose off a few snaps of me. Indulge that ‘Henri Cartier-Bresson’ moment. Also it allowed me pause to reflect on how much has changed in so short a period. Was it only last year that I decided to paint full time? It seems so much longer, well it always does. Yet already my life has taken on so many different aspects. Let’s face it, you’re lucky to make any money at all from your painting let alone make a decent living at it. Yeah, tell me all about it!

OK, so I’m not as yet pinning any hopes on a major retrospective at the National. (Not till next year at any rate!) But I’m working at what I love doing and life‘s looking a distinctively positive shade. Sure, it may be a well worn cliche but life sometimes does get better and better. All depends on how you choose to view it.

Catch you later