Thursday, February 01, 2007

Street Art; Not Just Graffiti?

Street Savvy?

Hi all,
Whatever your take on Graffiti (Cool cultural expression or urban vandalism?) there can be no denying the raw power and spontaneity in many of the images produced by street artists. Obviously I’m not talking about the mindless toilet murals much beloved by the bored and artistically challenged. Nor do I condone randomly daubing where the whim dictates. Rather where artists have joined community projects and channeled their energies into more worthwhile and legitimate pursuits.

Now, I’m not trying to show you how hip I am with the street art scene (that would be about as convincing as Prince Charles’s oh so cool ‘Full Monty’ routine!) However, I’ve been taking a long hard look at whats “out there’ and I’m finding myself continually amazed at the sheer degree of raw talent on display!

At the moment I’m looking at the work of New York Graffiti artists 156 ALL STARZ Please follow the links to discover some incredibly rich and varied painting with strong visual designs, bold forms and striking colours. (Very striking!) Indeed some of these pieces put me in mind of the action paintings of Abstract Expressionism, albeit with their own street savvy twist! All a very long way away from the scribbles on the toilet wall!

Catch you later