Monday, January 29, 2007

Canvas: Art and Culture from the Middle East and Arab World

Full Of Eastern Promise!
Hi all,
Fancy a change? Want to try something a tad different? Something a little more exotic perhaps? Then how about adding a touch of Eastern spice to your cultural palette? Interested... then check out Canvas (pictured above) a superb online magazine based in Dubai which presents ‘Art and Culture from the Middle East and Arab World’. And does so quite brilliantly.

The site itself is design heaven. With its clean edged thoughtfully constructed interface Canvas is delightfully rich in both style and content. What a pleasure to experience such abundance in both cultural and historical diversity yet be blissfully devoid of all political rhetoric! Thanks in no small part to its publisher and Editor-in-Chief Ali Y Khadra whose policy appears to concentrate firmly on the regions fabulous creative talents rather than to fan any militant agenda.

‘Canvas is a bi-monthly magazine distributed across the world, offering the best in art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world. With intelligent in-depth articles on every thing from the visual arts to museums, galleries, photography and design, every issue carries an exclusive feature’.

For those of us who believe that art should build bridges whilst breaking down barriers sites like Canvas should be both applauded and encouraged by all of us.

Catch you later