Monday, February 05, 2007

Painting With a Passion!

Slapping Your Brush!
Hi all,
Do you ever get that whim to surf the web on an impulse? Of course you do. Flip from site to blog in hope that you find …well something of interest. Perhaps even a gem or two to tuck away in your favorites file. Then try this one! If you like your painting rich, spontaneous and colourful with a capital C then look no further than Jonas Gerad.

Here’s a self taught artist whose flamboyant painting style is positively infectious! His superb web site echoes this with its effervescent mixture of portraits (like Picasso pictured above), abstracts and Digital giclee’s (above right.. The Lady Saint Will Take You There)

I especially enjoyed his video’s in which he demonstrates his ‘full on’ method of painting. And I can only say If you’ve never painted in your life (or if you've painted your whole life) then I guarantee watching Jonas Gerad will have you itching to slap your brush against the nearest canvas (Is it me or doesn't that sound a little.. improper?)

So, metaphors aside, I suggest you seek this site as the perfect antidote to those cold grey winter hues and follow the links guaranteed to unleash the colourist lurking inside you... Jonas Gerard Fine Art

Catch you later