Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Turner Prize 2006

Not The Emperor's New Clothes Prize?
Hi all
Hooray, a painter has won the Turner Prize. Double take and double celebrations all round! German-born abstract artist, Tomma Abts has returned an element of sanity to what had all too rapidly become a pretentious free for all amongst the chattering classes. This is great news for artists everywhere. However, despite my despair concerning the prize in recent years I have never subscribed to the 'it isn't art' brigade.

Look, I'm sure we all have our views on the Turner Prize. Cutting edge culture to some; crap of the first order to others. They're both legitimate, both points of view; both exemplify what art should be about. Art should provoke. It should kick off debate, start conversation; court controversy and evoke a reaction in the viewer.

Believe me, there’s much I dislike about the modern art scene, with its aloof circle of critics and their constant sneering at what’s popular. But we need one all the same. Such groups contain the elements, the very life blood of all that is new, vital and yes revolutionary. Without them art would eventually wither and perish. However, with a talented young abstract painter now in the ascendant, this year’s prize can happily cast off those very worn Emperors Clothes.
Catch you later