Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Solitude: Acylic on box canvas. 40"x 16"

Anyone For Solitude?
Hi all,
It's a recurring theme in my work. Solitary figures, or tiny groups, framed against backgrounds awash with colour. It's not an intentional metaphor for something deeply significant, though the idea of using such images to evoke subtle subtexts might appeal to my intellectual vanity! In truth I simply enjoy the effects such figures create in my compositions. Our eyes are naturally drawn to figures. They tweak at our curiosity and the relationship they have with their surroundings is a theme always ripe for exploration.

As to the canvas; this is the first time I've used a 'chunky' box panoramic canvas and I have to say they’re absolutely brilliant. Perfect for those sweeping 'vistas' and wide, wide sunsets. They especially suit my love of multi-hued dawns and fiery sunsets. So for those of you who enjoy rendering the great outdoors in its entire wide screen, Technicolor glory, then this is the canvas for you!
Catch you later

Shirley