Thursday, December 21, 2006

Flap Art

In a Flap Art?
Hi all,
when I first came across this ad I thought it was a wind up! Go on, check out the web site!

'Flap Art book Covers are shocking covers that slip on top of your book. The covers are sure to shock with titles like: Make Your Mother a Pornstar, How to Kill a Complete Stranger, and Perfecting the Art of Fart Projection. If you find yourself bothered by people on the subway, a book cover like this is a good tool to keep people away. 'There are over 20 covers to choose from. Some are a little racy like How to Make Your Mother A Porn Star and How to Overcome Nymphomania (put that one in your bathroom, with a bookmark and become a hero!).'

Vulgar and childish, or just a bit of fun to take the bitter edge off life’s sometimes sour menu? I'm inclined to choose the latter. Any thing to prick that pretentious bubble surrounding so much of today’s 'thought provoking' media. I mean c'mon, it's Christmas time, the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little merriment!

Catch You Later

Shirley