Monday, December 18, 2006

Is artOK?

My Vanity Fair

I wouldn’t claim to be a vain person. Yet for one fleeting moment vanity clasped my hand and beckoned me to follow. An image, an idea we (my David and I) had worked on, came at last to life. "Just supposing" I said to David "that we created our own fictitious magazine. A mock magazine I could regularly feature within my blog. An online parody no less, of so many of the art establishments stuffy and pretentious periodicals! What a perfect platform to act as foil to so many of the silly things being said and done in the name of art.

So, to get our plans rolling David was kind enough to help me whip up the above effort featuring yours truly on the front cover (hence the vanity!). If, by chance you're wondering how we did it (using Coral Painter and Adobe Photoshop) then I'm planning on putting together a collection of such tutorials which can then be downloaded from this blog. Stay tuned!

Great idea or the sad case contender of the month? Time, as they say, will tell. As I've so often said before, art and the business of art, has got to have an element of fun. Without it then the whole point gets lost in an avalanche of egos. I hope that with a little slice of humour and a pinch of parody you and I might just have a lot to laugh about.

Catch you later



crowbarred said...

the colour you like the most is red...or the tinge of it