Saturday, December 23, 2006

Things We Take For Granted?

On Our Doorstep!
Hi all,
I remember a friend of mine who had lived in London for many years. During this time she never visited a single museum, attended any concerts nor entered any one of the vast array of the Capitals Art Gallery’s. Quite surprising when you consider that she studied Fine Art at college and often discussed the subject over her favourite tipple! In her words she was always "Just sooooo busy". Well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion!

But here’s the thing..Every year she took a week’s holiday in Paris and guess where she spent a considerable part of that week? Yeh, that’s right, wandering around the Louvre! Can you believe that? I used to joke with her that she no doubt had a Parisian counterpart (their planes probably passed each other over the channel) who had never visited the Louvre but made an annual pilgrimage to the National Gallery! (Pictured above)Ah, strange but oh so true.

That’s human nature for you. How often we take for granted that which sits on our own doorstep. The things we do and the people we see every day. It would seem that familiarity often does breed, if not contempt then certainly a big dollop of complacency!
Catch you later