Thursday, June 07, 2007

Inferno (triptych-3-canvases)36x12inches or 91x30cm each)

Hi all,
It’s hot, it’s sumptuous and it’s simply aching to burst into flames! This painting is literally on fire...

Inferno is aptly named!

I was bent on unleashing a veritable onslaught of fiery hues to conjure up my vision of unrestrained heat. I wanted the canvas to melt. The onlooker to almost want to step back as from a bonfire ablaze in all it’s crackling fury!
The triptych format works especially well here helping to accentuate the sense of movement as the ‘flames’ leap across the panels evoking an internal rhythm within the picture plane.

The cooler blues at the bottom not only act as complimentary to those sizzling orangey/reds but help to anchor the composition especially as the blues give way to near black.

Loved doing this one folks. Can’t wait to get my asbestos gloves warm again!

Catch you later


Segovia said...

I just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your blog. I like your art work and enjoy reading your thoughts about each piece.

ShirleyBod said...

Hi Janet
Thank you for visiting my blog and especially for the kind words. (I haven’t posted recently…so busy building other sites…yes, I do feel guilty!) I’ve been reading your posts and I must say you have a wonderfully concise style that so perfectly accompanies the pure economy of your drawings. I think it’s such a challenge to capture a feeling or evoke an emotion in abstract lines…well done you!

Look forward to seeing your work develop…great stuff

Regards Shirley